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Reception Music

Your wedding reception is the first celebration of your new life together. You’ve gathered both you and your spouse’s friends and families; most likely a very diverse group. Some of them have never met before. Some of them are younger, some older. You have the difficult task of keeping your guests entertained, while at the same time, keeping your and your spouse free to have a great time yourselves. Some guests look forward to a delicious dinner, others to the champagne, but they all have one thing in common; they all want to enjoy themselves. Music could be the decisive factor.

Is it more important to you and your fiancé that your guests mingle, converse and enjoy each other’s company? Or is it more important that they get up and dance all night long? Maybe you prefer a little bit of both. We can help you make these decisions.

In our roster, we have diverse selection of excellent musicians who have experience performing a variety of different music styles during a short cocktail hour or the entire reception. A jazz trio can provide soothing background music for a quiet, more intimate affair, while a cover band can keep the party rockin’ with popular dance favorites for a more festive crowd. We can help you find the right ensemble that will make your reception unforgettable.

Typically, wedding receptions have the following sections:

Cocktail hour
During this time, the bride and groom, with the rest of the wedding party, will take pictures while guests will enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. We recommend music such as a classical or jazz that can nicely accompany conversation.

Dinner: During this time we also recommend classical or jazz music so as not to interfere with the conversations your guests are holding.

Dancing: This is the time to turn up the volume and let down your hair. We recommend a cover band or a specialty band such as a Salsa band or an R&B band.

Does this mean that you have to hire three different groups? Not necessarily. Some of our ensembles have the experience of adapting to the occasion. They are capable of performing a variety of music styles from jazz standards to R&B, to Rock. Some of our singers are terrific MC’s and will do a great job at making all of your important