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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions that many of our brides have regarding music at their wedding ceremony and reception and New Arts Ensembles has tried to answer as many of those questions for you.


Q: I am not familiar with classical music.  Will you be able to help me select the music for my wedding ceremony?

A: Absolutely.  We have a document to assist you with making your selections, providing suggestions, and putting everyone involved on the same page.


Q: If there is a song that we are interested in having at our ceremony or reception that is not included in the musician(s) repertoire, will the musician/ensemble/band learn it?

A: They are usually open to learn 1 song but they always reserve the right to decline if they know it will not work for their instrumentation or specific band style/sound.  If the request is similar to what is in their repertoire, it should not be a problem.  We do ask the client to cover the cost of any music that would need to be purchased for any requests, which is typically around $5.



Q: I read on your website something about someone being present at the rehearsal...is this accurate and does it cost more?

A: If you are working with a local wedding coordinator, most likely that we have worked with them too, and in which case, we will be in touch with your coordinator regarding all details. Regardless, if a representative from New Arts Ensembles is available and you would be more comfortable with our presence for the first 10 minutes of the rehearsal, one of us will be there at no extra cost.



Q: Will the band take breaks? If so, how many and how long?

A: Yes the band will take breaks and we will work with you or your coordinator to decide on the break length and timing. They also bring a CD player or ipod to play during the breaks, so this is a perfect time for you to get to play some music that is in a different genere than what the band is performing.